Saturday, June 23, 2012

Summer...the time for making memories.

Well, I put my kit together just before the kids finished school and then it just sat there :(  A trip to visit friends, time at the pool, planting, and the list goes on and on kept me from playing with my paper and glue.  I am realizing that summer is a great time for making memories, but it is more difficult to get to my scrappy place when the weather is warm and the kids are home.  I forced myself to put something together late last night using my Farmer's Market kit to "get back on the horse" so to speak.  I have to admit that my motivation wasn't there, but by using my kit and this recent adorable picture of my daughter from our trip to Philadelphia, putting a layout together wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.  Like anything else, once you get out of your groove, it's hard to get back in it.

(Title courtesy of my sister's facebook comment on this picture!)
We're going to head over to our local farmer's market to see what's fresh right now.  Hopefully that will provide some inspiration to get some more use out of my kit.  


  1. Love everything about this!Starting with your kit - it's a no brainer that adorable pages are coming out of it. What a darling photo - she's growing up so quickly!Totally adore the medallion, too :~)And the title is perfect, lol!

  2. Just gorgeous!! Love the placement of the butterflies and the photo of your little one is beautiful :0)

  3. Oh I like this, the banner, the prize ribbon, the butterflies. Oh you've mixed those elements wonderfully to highlight that superb photo. Well done!

  4. I know exactly what you mean with getting out of the groove. I have had such a lack of motivation the last couple of weeks. Hopefully it will return if I don't force it :)
    Your girl is so sweet and the layout is so cute.

  5. I love your scattering of butterflies - I often struggle to get mine to look "random" enough. super page and love the design