Monday, June 1, 2015

Counterfeit Kit Challenge June Reveal and Blog Hop

Land Ho!  It's June and we have arrived with our new batch of inspiration for Counterfeit Kit Challenge.  And it's a big batch as we are challenging you to copy one of eight (yes, that's right I said 8!) of Basic Grey's new offerings!  How about THAT for options?  Check out the introduction on the CKC blog to see the inspiration buffet.

Every summer, I am always drawn to the nautical scrapbook collections.  I never tire of the navy, teal, reds and oranges.  I loved whales and anchors long before they were trendy.  I could buy the new one each season, but I really shouldn't.  So when I saw Basic Grey's "Adrift", it was calling out to me like an S.O.S (Save Our Scrapbook, of course)!

 I had the rare opportunity to shop at a not-so-local-scrapbook store and they had some of this collection.  Oh the temptation!  And to add insult to injury, I knew this was one of the inspiration collections this month.  I'm not supposed to buy it...I'm supposed to forge it!  So here was my compromise:  buy only 2 "starter" pieces to save on my wallet, yet satisfy my scrappy, nautical appetite, and then forge the rest. After all, I know I have a whole fleet of seafaring papers at home.

Here's my nautical kit:

I started off with the dark navy paper and the die cut pack from the "Adrift" collection.  I limited myself to just those 2 pieces.  How's that for self-control?

To add to the collection and make it completely my own, I added papers from the Cosmo Cricket "Salt Air" paper pad.  I scored this huge paper pad a year or two ago at Tuesday Morning (a close-out store that often has scrapbook supplies) for a steal (like 5.99 for the whole 12x12 pad) and felt the papers mimicked the colors in the inspiration. They have a beachy feel, without being too over-the-top themed.

From afar, it's hard to even notice the fish tales and scales.

Here's my printer's tray with all kinds of "nautical nonsense"!  Whale washi, October Afternoon flair, Nautical tags from last year's Fancy Pants collection and of course, the die cuts from the "Adrift" collection.

Here's a peek at some of the contents of the die cut pack.  In the background, some dark navy and teal alphas along with some cork Thickers (how could you NOT have cork in a nautical themed kit?) 


Now, it's time for you to set sail.  How will you choose your inspiration?  Are any of them sending YOU an S.O.S?  Gather your inspiration from the hop below and then chart your course!  The Master Forgers Crew will all be anxiously awaiting your choice and your take on it at the dock.  Share your kit with us on June's Mr. Linky!

A warm welcome to my fellow ScrapHappy/LOAD scrapsister Emma, our guest designer this month.  She has rocked our scrappy boat here over at CKC!  She is a scrapping machine who produces tons of layouts that are inspired and gorgeous.  Simply beautiful!  So glad you are here, Emma!

Guest Designer Emma
Lynnette  YOU ARE HERE!
Margie:  NEXT UP!

So, an important kit building lesson I learned this month:  You don't have to buy a whole collection or even a lot of it!  While I love Basic Grey, I have something that is inspired by theirs, but is uniquely MINE.  That is what is so awesome about Counterfeit Kit Challenge!  You can do...


Thanks for drifting by!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

CKC Challenge #3 - No Photo Layout REMIX

We are revisiting some of the original challenges from the early days of CKC.  I struggled a bit with the no photo layout challenge.  I really never shy away from journaling, but every story I thought of also had some cool photos to go along with it.  It killed me to leave them out!

I know technically the challenge said no pictures and my graphic logo here may be construed as a picture, but that's a lot of real estate to cover with just handwritten journaling!  The logo came from the Nantucket Film Festival "playbill" so to speak and I thought it would make a cool addition to the page.

Let me show you my page...

I used my May Kit, "Old School" along with a little bit of April's Kit, "Film Noir" to pull this page together.

I kept embellishments to a minimum and let the story take center stage.

My son...he is such a drama king!  LOL!

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Counterfeit Kit Challenge May Reveal and Blog Hop

Welcome to the merry, merry month of May where we at Counterfeit Kit Challenge are going to take you back in time to the very first inspiration post.  Certainly you know we can draw inspiration from anywhere and anything.  Even though this one's an oldie, it's a goodie!  Take a look HERE at the original CKC post, as the Jenni Bowlin Kit post is no longer available.  As always, you can take the inspiration any where your heart desires.  Feeling like stash busting and using up some of those older, I mean VINTAGE, supplies?  Go for it!  Want to take this in a more modern direction?  Substitute your latest and greatest to match color scheme or pattern.  The choice is yours!  Take a look and be inspired...

And here is my classic, yet fresh new take on it...

"Old School" blends the best of both worlds from my stash.  My vintage inspired October Afternoon supplies have been taking a backseat to the graphic and messy inspiration lately, so it was high time to bring them out into the mix.  However, it is so exciting to get some new stash that there's no reason to not incorporate it with the "upperclassmen" so to speak!  

I focused on the yellow in the inspiration color palette as my starting point.  I translated the green to aqua and kept the red by adding a few bold accent pieces.

These 2 pieces behind my printer's tray are new papers by Webster's Pages.  They add new life to some of the more "seasoned" papers in my stash, yet work perfectly!

Speaking of the printer's tray, most of these goodies having been waiting a while to make it onto a page.  This may just be the month.  Classic and more updated Bingo Cards are directly drawn from the inspiration.

Let's see what's happening on top of the school desk.  Some labels (must look to our guest designer, Susan for inspiration on using these!), layered stickers with a vintage vibe and some "old school" border strips are out to play this month.  A stray scrap piece of Jenni Bowlin paper and some milk bottle caps that I purchased at her booth were MUST INCLUDE items given the inspiration.  And just because I like a prop or two to keep my photo shoot interesting, I placed the plaid thermos from my scrap-bestie, Leslie on my desk for when the lunch bell rings!

And here we are again to bring it full circle.

Just like the saying goes...

Everything old is new again...everything under the sun!

Breathe new life into your classic stash...create a Counterfeit Kit!

Be sure to hop along to all the Master Forgers' blogs and stop by to say hello to our Guest Designer, Susan on her flickr post.  Susan is a fabulous scrapper who uses her stash (and her labels!) to the fullest.  You are sure to be inspired by her gorgeous work and exquisite handwriting.
 Welcome, Susan!  We are THRILLED that you are here!

Guest Designer Susan:
Lynnette  YOU ARE HERE!

Monday, April 20, 2015

CKC Master Forgers Team Activity: Guess My Scrap Crush!

We are doing a little team building activity among the Master Forgers over at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog.  Lisa, our lovely coordinator has asked us to choose a scrapbook celeb, one that we may just have a crush on, and create a layout based on her style.   (I use the pronoun her since other than Tim Holtz, I can't think of any other male scrapbook celebrities!)  We are including you in our little exercise by asking you to guess who you think our scrap crushes could be.  Keep reading and I'll give you all the deets!

Here's how it works.  I'll give you some clues and show you my layout based on this person's style to help you formulate your educated scrappy guess.  You already know it is NOT Tim Holtz, so you can check him off the list!  Leave your guess in the comments section below and then hop on to my fellow Master Forgers' blogs to check out who their secret admirers might be.  Find the answers on the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog on Tuesday, April 21st.

Here are some clues to get the gears turning in your brain:
  • I first "met" my crush through Lain Ehmann's True Scrap event.
  • I often watch her You Tube channel videos while folding laundry.
  • I find her style to be closely related to mine.  Carefully selected embellishments and papers that directly support the story she is telling.
  • Her design style is neat and organized.  Some layering of papers and clustering of embellishments.
  • She once worked in a garden.
  • She often uses banners or pennants that are wrapped in crochet thread or twine.
  • Her buttons almost always have a crochet thread bow.
  • Unlike me, she often computer generates her journaling.
  • She often scraps portrait-type photos/up-close faces.
So, here is the layout that represents my Scrap Crush:

Hmmmm....who could it be?  Put your guess in the comments section below and then hop along to Margie's blog!

Lynnette  YOU ARE HERE!

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

CKC Challenge #3 - Think Spring!

It's finally looking and feeling like spring around here in the northeast United States, but it has been painfully slow going.  I didn't know how dreadful our winter was going to be when we planned our family vacation over Spring Break back in January.  This vacay couldn't have come at a better time as even the Tuesday before break brought yet another snowfall!  We planned a trip to sunny Southern California spending most of our time in San Diego and a quick trip up to LA for the obligatory Hollywood tourist stops and this was just what the doctor ordered to beat our Winter and even early Spring blues.

Truth be told:  My April Counterfeit Kit, "Film Noir" may have been inspired a bit by our upcoming trip to Tinsel Town!  I knew there would be some good photo ops and maybe even a celebrity sighting!  Well, we didn't see any celebrities, but we did have a blast!

Here's my layout for Challenge #3 - Be inspired by Spring...or in this case, Spring Break!

Well, we are back home and back to reality, but I am happy to report that it FINALLY feels like Spring in New Jersey!  It's always fun to visit someplace new, but there's no place like home!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Counterfeit Kit Challenge April Reveal and Blog Hop


(Cue sultry, jazzy piano music)

It was a dark and stormy night when Bethany sent out the kit-to-copy to the Master Forgers.   Lynnette sat in a dimly lit room on the third floor of the Acme building staring at her laptop screen for hours wondering how she could make sense of the inspiration.

The Messy Box is here!
Messy Box - A Beautiful Mess

  Would she try for a direct copy or go rogue?   She's always been a good girl who follows the rules, but she was feeling restless and wanting to break free of the same old same old.  It was time for a change, a change that would set her free.  But would she go against the grain?  Be a rebel?   That's the struggle of a Master Forger....Master Forger Extraordinaire.

Here's how she made sense of it...

Dark, moody and mysterious, just like the film genre, this "Film Noir" kit eludes to a bit of an
 "Old Hollywood" vibe.

Like a savvy Director/Master Forger, Lynnette found her angle and went with an almost exclusive black and white kit with a bit of Hollywood glitz and gold.  She didn't have anything nearly as graphic as in the inspiration when she made her casting call to her stash, so she worked with the talent she already had.

Let's put the spotlight on the starring roles...the papers.

And the supporting cast...the embellishments!

And that's a wrap, folks!  
We will now take this to edit and produce some Oscar-worthy black and white pages.  

Hope this "short" helped inspire you to create your own kit.  Find your own "genre" and make it your own based on the "talent" you have in your stash!

The hop starts over at the CKC blog, but here is the list of the entire cast of Master Forgers in case you get lost along the way.  Be sure to visit them for more inspiration.

Lynnette  YOU ARE HERE

A warm welcome to my ScrapHappy sisters who may be visiting to check us out. 
 Come along and create with us at Counterfeit Kit Challenge!

And, in case you were wondering...
Through the magic of technicolor, here is what "Film Noir" looks like in real life!


Friday, March 20, 2015

Orange Crush...another layout!

Hi there.  Just a quick post to share my 4th layout using my March Counterfeit Kit, "Orange Crush". My main inspiration for this layout was the fan embellishment.  I knew right away it would be a photo of my Dad since he was my biggest fan and supporter in my life, but I didn't necessarily have this one in mind.  I was actually looking for other photos when I came across this one and there was that serendipity again!  PERFECT!

I miss this guy so much.  Sigh...

Anyway, it's hard not to notice all that plaid in the photo!  Perhaps not the most flattering position for me to be sitting, but I think it is just the sweetest photo of the two of us.  It got me thinking of the prompt over at Whimsical Musings (the prompt I contributed a while back) about being inspired by plaid.  BINGO!  A "two-fer" layout is born!

Have you been over to Whimsical Musings?  It's a fun and free challenge site run by fellow Master Forger, Lisa.  Master Forger Leslie and I give her a hand with prompts and housekeeping things.  You MUST check it out as another wonderful and inspirational resource for your scrapping.  We would love for you to stop by!

Speaking of stopping by...thanks for popping in over here.