Sunday, April 1, 2018

Counterfeit Kit Challenge April Reveal and Blog Hop...coming soon!

Hi friends!  Happy Easter!  I know you've hopped on over here (just like the Easter Bunny) to see my take on this month's kit.  I'm a bit behind and will need to post in a few days.  In the meantime, here's the blog hop order so you can keep on hopping.  Sorry for the delay.

Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog -

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Counterfeit Kit Challenge February Reveal and Blog Hop

I'm baaaaa-ack!  
I know it's been a while, but I'm back to share our February Kit inspiration with you.
And, of course, my take on it.
This month our Master Forger, Julene, has chosen a kit from Noel Mignon named,

I'll let you just oooo and aaahhhh over this for a while!

How sweet and romantic is this kit?
I bet you have some things in your stash that will mimic this vibe.
I know I did!
Let's take a look at my...

Vintage Vibe
Pinks and blues and turquoise are represented here.

I spy hot air balloons and bows.

Roses...there's got to be roses!

How could I not include the playing cards with the gypsy/tarot reader vibe going on here?  Not exactly in the inspiration, but my visit down the rabbit hole of scrappiness lead me to these supplies and they had to go into the mix!  My rules!  

A little less vintage, but a whole lot of cute.  Colors work perfectly with the inspiration as far as I'm concerned!

And there you have it!  I'm excited to be kitting again and even more excited to scrap!
Go jump down your rabbit hole of scrappiness and see what you find to match, mimic or mock the inspiration.  And if you don't find what you're looking for...just mix it up and make it your own.

Welcome to our guest designer Monica!  So glad you are playing along with us this month.
Also, since this is my first month back...
A warm welcome to our newest members of the Master Forgers Team:
Tina, Cindy, Lori and Laura.

Now hop along and visit the others to get some more inspiration!

Guest Designer, Monica

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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Counterfeit Kit Challenge November Reveal and Blog Hop

Hello and welcome to the hop!
It's time for some new inspiration that Master Forger, Lisa found for us over at Citrus Twist Kits.
This particular collection is called, "Emerson" and while it is from November 2016, it is still fresh and current - just like the supplies in your stash.  Don't get too hung up on what's "on trend". 
 Make your stuff work for you!

Let me show you what I pulled together from the things I had on hand in my scrap room...and I have to say I've not been buying much lately.

I'm going to call this kit, "Gilded Whale" in honor of that golden whale paper on the top left.  There are also several other golden touches like the words and small stars and heart embellishments.

I thought this kit was a bit of a different color combination, but I think that's what makes it fresh.  I'm sure you are likely to have some black, yellow and turquoise in your scrap space.  Some cork elements?  Black tiny type words or letters?  White thickers?  Some small word stamps? 
  You have everything you need to create a counterfeit of this kit.

Be sure to stop over to see the dreamy kit Lisa assembled.  In fact, don't miss out on any of the inspiration from all of our Master Forgers.  The hop order is below, starting with home base (aka Counterfeit Kit Challenge site) and then moving on to our lovely guest designer, Anne.
Welcome to our scrappy home, Anne!

Guest Designer - Anne -

Thanks for popping in!

Friday, September 1, 2017

Counterfeit Kit Challenge September Reveal and Blog Hop

And just like that...summer is over!  

Well, THAT went fast!

Looking forward to my favorite time of year and the opportunity to spend some time crafting now that the kids are back to school.

Lovely Master Forger, Clair has chosen a perfect kit to get us in the mood for the change of season.
Take a look at "Lost River" from Studio Calico.

As you may recall from my recent every-other-month participation here at CKC, I've been finding it helpful to "doctor-up" a collection that reminds me of the inspiration.  This month is no exception.  This strategy helps me to put together a quick kit with a dash of my own style.

Here's my kit for September...

Always Something There to Remind Me
(And if you're an 80's girl like me, that will be an ear worm for you!)

Lately when I see the inspiration  I think...
Oh, that reminds me of such and such!

For this kit, I immediately thought of the "Wildflower" collection from Carta Bella from a few years back.  It was the perfect starting point with the nature-type vibe and the photo-realistic papers.
I subbed some kraft bags for the envelopes and used a similar cursive handwriting primer washi tape.  Would have loved for it to have been in the rich green, but that's the way of counterfeiting.  You gotta make it work with what you have.  Gold thickers were an easy add.  I do know I have some mini felt pennants somewhere in my stash, but they were hiding!  Hopefully I'll find them by month's end.

I'm quite pleased with my kit and the method I used to put it together.  You'll be sure to see at least one layout from this kit, but I really do hope to get to more creating!  I'll keep you posted.

Here's the blog hop order.  Please welcome our guest designer, Jess!

Now go find something in your stash that reminds you of the inspiration!

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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Counterfeit Kit Challenge July Reveal and Blog Hop

Welcome to July!  It is finally summer and we are ready for easy, breezy carefree days.

Our Master Forger, Kelly has chosen a Cocoa Daisy kit for us to copy entitled "Walden Pond".

Such bright, fresh colors!

Lately my kit building needs to be fast and easy.  I've found the best way for me to approach this jiffy process is to "doctor up" an existing collection.  You know when you're cooking and you take pre-made ingredients and add your own special touch?  Well, this is what has been working for me.

Here's my take on this month's kit.  I'm calling it...

Boardwalk Bound!

I started with the Fancy Pants "Nautical" Collection.  It has the red, lime and blue color connection that mimics the inspiration.  I added a bright yellow distressed piece from Basic Grey and a wood plank sheet that you also see on the far left of the inspiration photo.  Some bright red Thickers, some wire ampersands, straws and tickets (also from the collection), and beachy die cut cards round out my choices for embellishments.

Are you short on time?
Don't feel like re-inventing the wheel, so to speak?
Doctor up a collection that reminds you of the inspiration and make it your own!

Be sure to visit our other Master Forgers on the blog hop.  

Here's the order and first up is our guest designer, Megan.

Welcome to our scrappy world, Megan!

Guest Designer - Megan Blethen -

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Monday, May 1, 2017

Counterfeit Kit Challenge May Kit Reveal and Blog Hop

Hi friends!

Here we are with a new month and a new batch of inspiration.  
Our lovely Lisa has chosen a beautiful kit comprised mostly of my 2 favorite colors...
Blue and Green!
Take a look at Gossamer Blue's March Kit:

I found 2 collections in my stash that when combined made for a nice counterfeit of the original.  
Pink Paislee's Atlas and October Afternoon Treasure Map give just the right amount of blue and green with the pop of yellow we see in the inspiration.

Take a look at my May Kit...

I am a few hours late posting this, hence the kit name!   I won't delay you any longer.  Hop on over the to Susan's blog (and all the other Master Forgers) to see their take on the kit.  I'd also like to welcome, Christy, our lovely guest designer.  I've admired her work over at Scraphappy and LOAD for years.  We are in for a treat this month!  Welcome, Christy!


Guest Designer Christy Strickler -

Julene -

Leslie -

Lynnette -

Susan -

Clair -

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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

March Counterfeit Kit Challenge March Full Kit Reveal and Blog Hop

Hello there.  It's been a while.  I'm sure you've read about and experienced some of the changes over at Counterfeit Kit.  I haven't played since January and that's by design.  Life has been quite busy, but I'm not willing to give up my scrappy space, so I devised a plan to keep my hand in CKC while giving myself some time to breathe between kits and blog posts.  Fellow Master Forger Stephanie is also in a busy time in her life with a new little one to care for, so we are sharing a Master Forger position.  You saw Stephanie feature her mini kit last month and this month I'll be sharing a full kit. So, that brings me to an every other month schedule.  I'm hoping to jump in more often when I can, but at least I'll know I have a bit more time to assemble my kit.  Sounds like a plan, right?  RIGHT!

Well, you know what they say about best laid plans....

Oh dear...

I kind of had a problem.  You entire scraproom was turned upside down.  My hubby was installing new flooring in the entire basement and everything had to be moved.  And I have to admit, my stuff wasn't in the best order before he moved it all to put in the flooring.  So, here I am...the day before the reveal...kitting and blogging away.  This new plan was supposed to avoid that!  ACK!

Oh well...

I managed to get things sort of back in order and sift through my stuff to put together my March Kit, most appropriately named,  FLOORED!

In my true topsy turvy fashion, I haven't introduced you to the inspiration, chosen by Master Forger Margie and created by Hip Kit Club.  It's their February 2017 offering and it's a beauty.

My kit adds a few more colors and less black than the inspiration, but I included camera and butterfly motifs, horizontal stripes and circles as created by bubbles.  A touch of black is seen in the pocket cards.  Hoping to mist or watercolor those butterflies to create the same vibe as the ones fluttering around in the inspiration.

Here are a few more close ups.

So, while I was "floored" on how I was going to possibly get my kit completed, it all worked things usually do.  (I'm getting wiser in my more mature years!)

I hope you aren't floored on how to approach this kit.  If you are, then just take inspiration from our guest designer, Raelene and the other Master Forgers.  Welcome, Raelene!  We are proud to spotlight you this month!

Visit them at their blogs here for plenty of inspiration.

Guest Designer: Raelene:
Lynnette:  YOU ARE HERE!

Oh and by the way, yes...that is the new flooring you see behind my kit in my scrap room 
and I just adore it!

Thanks for stopping by!