Tuesday, February 24, 2015

February CKC Members' Blog Hop

Welcome to my little corner of the world!  We hope the kit you have created using "Across the Miles" as your inspiration has kept you busily scrapping this month.  We offered 3 challenges to keep you motivated:

  • Using Clear or transparent elements
  • Using a date stamp
  • Using an unexpected title
We also welcome any project or page you've created this month.  We're cool like that!  We just want you scrapping with that kit you've created.

For my share today, I used the vellum map paper (clear or transparent elements) I forged as seen HERE.  I wanted to reserve this paper for something really, really special and what better occasion than when I had the opportunity to meet my fellow Master Forger, Lisa!

Take a look:

It is a bit tricky to use this sort of paper as I couldn't imagine cutting it apart and I wouldn't want to cover too much of its beauty.  Utilizing a narrow band through the middle seemed to be the best compromise.

So thankful that Pam captured this moment.  It truly makes me smile.

Some heartfelt journaling about our friendship.  I know many may not understand how an online friend could be "real", but this one is the real deal.  I am blessed to have such a wonderful friend in my life.  

Here is the entire list for the hop just in case you get lost, but your next stop will be Gemma.  Be sure to visit her and all the talented scrappers in our line-up.   We would love to know you've dropped by!
Thank you!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Using a date stamp in a BIG way!

Challenge #2 over at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog had us digging out those date stamps we have in our stash.  Whether it's one of the SMASH ones, an Amy Tan version or just one from an office supply store, they certainly can be used for more than documenting the date.

Challenge #2:  Use a date stamp in a fun and creative way!

Here's my take:

I stamped my date stamp and then enlarged it on the copier (by almost 400%) to make this super-sized banner noting the date of our special anniversary.

Distressed with some Tim Holtz distress ink (Old Paper) and curled with my pen gives the banner a little character.   Nestled in with some ribbons and there's an award-style ribbon to mark
 20 Blessed Years!  We earned it as marriage isn't always easy :)

And just to mimic the large ribbon, I stamped the stamp regular size, turning the wheel to show the different phrases.

So pleased to have this documented in such a timely manner!

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Vellum Map Tags

I needed to make some Valentine tags for a tag swap for my ScrapHappy community and my "Across the Miles" kit came to the rescue!

Vellum placed over the map paper softens the background and provides a great canvas for embossing the compass rose in gold.  So ON-TREND!

Take a look...

All ready to be sent to some special scrappy friends all across the globe!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

We're Golden!

A Poor Scrapper's Version of the Vellum Map Paper

I know you saw it in the kit...the gold vellum map paper!  How could you miss it?  If you happened to look for it to purchase online, you probably quickly discovered that it is OUT OF STOCK. 

What is a scrapper to do? 

 Forge it, of course!  

Gold is all the rage right now and I've seen various tutorials out there for gold leafing using a laser printer and laminator and it usually starts with cutting out an image from a Silhouette.  I don't own any of those machines and by the time I'd invest in all of them, the gold trend will be done!   LOL!  I do often think about getting a Silhouette, though, as I know they can do such fabulous things.  Maybe one of these days!  In the meantime, here's a tutorial on how I created my own version of the vellum paper with very simple tools and a little bit of patience.

Here's the elusive, exclusive version from Chic Tags no one can get their hands on...

And here's mine...

An exact replica?  No, but pretty close!

I used a piece of map paper to trace a template of the countries using a piece of vellum.  I cut that out to make a tracer and then traced on the back side of the gold specialty paper.  Used my Cutter Bees for some fussy cutting and the continents started to take shape.  I decided I liked the map paper behind the vellum, so it stayed.  A gold pen and straight edge created the latitude and longitude and the embossed compass rose was my own addition to make this exclusively mine!

So, no fancy tools or machines required!

Try it!  I think you'll like the results.

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

February Counterfeit Kit Reveal and Blog Hop

Hello again.  It's been a while, but I'm back to my old counterfeiting and staging my kit ways!  The holiday hustle and bustle kept me hopping so I decided to take a little hiatus, but it feels good to be back.   I'm looking forward to getting some more creative time into my weekly schedule and working my kits harder than I have in the past.  I hope to purchase at least 6 Iris boxes (you know, the 12x12 plastic cases) so that I can keep the kits in tact.  I know Master Forger Lisa keeps hers together long after the counterfeiting month has passed and she is exceptionally good at "killing" them, too.  I'm hoping this will also cut down on the turn around time spent on putting unused kits away each month. However, I do think I will need to be prepared to dip into those kits to get frequently used items like favorite washi or flair.  Oh...the woes of a counterfeit kit maker!  If I can get some more layouts made and memories documented, then it's all good.

Enough about that.  Let's talk about this month's inspiration kit.  In an attempt to assist our fearless leader, Bethany at Counterfeit Kit Challenge, I suggested this lovely kit from  Take a look...

There are 2 reasons I was drawn to this kit.

  1. The vellum gold map paper that I know fellow Master Forger, Lisa had been searching for (yes, the Lisa who is so great about using past kits).
  2. The title..."Across the Miles".  Lisa always signs her cards or emails..."Sending Love Across the Miles".
Serendipity, if you ask me!  Bethany and the rest of the group were game and I was delighted to see that Lisa fell in love with it, too!

So here are my 2 takes on this month's kit!  YES, TWO!  The main kit...

The Main Kit, "Sending Love" was inspired by the deep reds and golds found in the inspiration.  A perfect February Kit for Valentine's Day or any regal and rich layout.

And the Add-on...

A travel inspired kit, but doesn't necessarily have to be used that way.

I'm so excited to share that the miles won't stretch as far as usual as Lisa is making her way to New York City in February!  We are planning a meet-up for lunch and shopping for the day.  I am thrilled to have the opportunity to meet this sweet woman and scrapper extraordinaire in real life.  I'm sure there will be many photos of our rendezvous to scrap using this kit.

So, now it's time for you to think about your take on the inspiration.  Remember, it can be a literal interpretation, drawn from the color palette or even just the patterns.  Make a kit you will LOVE and scrap away.  Whatever you create, be sure to share with us on February's Mr. Linky!

Be sure to hop along to all of the Master Forgers' blogs to see their unique interpretation of the kit.  It's always fascinating to see how creative and varied they can be.
 First up is our fabulous guest designer, Doris.  Welcome!

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Pre-Load Blog Hop

Welcome to the Late Show...LOAD Edition with your host...

Lynnette, the Sassy Scrapper!

Let's cut to the chase and get to tonight's Top 10 List.

In anticipation of February's Layout A Day Scrapbook Challenge, I present to you...

Lynnette's Top 10 LOAD Life Savers

10.  Keep meal planning EASY this month.  Pull out your crock pot and take out menus!  This month is about "ME" time and it's important to make time for your hobby.  One of my FAVE recipes came from a fellow LOADster (I believe it was Heather S.) and is part of my menu rotation, LOAD or not.

French Dip Sandwiches
2 lb. Rump roast
1 can beef consomme
1 can Campbell's French Onion soup
1 can beef broth

Place in crock pot 6-8 hours on low.  Shred beef.  Place on crusty rolls with melted provolone and cole slaw on the side.  Serve au jus in small individual bowls for dipping.  
So good!

 9.  If you don't already have one, start a pinterest sketch board.  Pin away a bunch of go-to sketches  that will make the design element of your scrapping stress-free.  Don't get lost down the dark abyss that can be Pinterest, though.  Set a timer and pin away...then walk away.

Here's a sketch to get you started:
Basic Grey

 8.  Take about 30 minutes to pull a kit together from your own stash. Over at Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog we do just that every month by drawing inspiration from the leading kit clubs on the market. It's a small time investment in the beginning with a BIG payoff in the end as you have a collection of supplies from your own stash just waiting to be part of your next layout. I could describe this process in an entire blog post, but in a nutshell...pull out a few pieces of cardstock/patterned paper/embellishments/letter stickers that all work well together. Create your layout, lather, rinse and repeat!  If you'd like more information on how to Counterfeit Kit, click HERE.

Inspiration from Noel Mignon
Kit from my stash inspired by above kit

7.  Ok...if the idea of pulling your own kit intimidates you (which it shouldn't, but I know you have a lot to prepare before LOAD), pull out one of those collection packs you just HAD to buy or one of the many paper pads (12x12 or 6x6) you have in your stash. It's not cheating to use the ready-to-go collections of paper the manufacturers have coordinated for you. Work it, baby! Work it!

6.  Have some projects at the ready as a back-up.  I love the prompts and try to almost always follow them.  I have told and scrapped some very unlikely stories based on them, but there may be times you feel uninspired or are short on time.  My December Daily will be my go-to in February.


5.  If your budget allows, buy a little somethin' somethin' (yes, I know we all should be using what we already have!) to kick start your stash and mojo.  Now, I'm not talking about a big purchase here.  I was in Target last week and found a little pack of American Crafts Valentine stickers in the dollar bin.  I also scoured my TJ Maxx clearance aisle and rescued a lonely pack of Thickers on clearance for $1 (I don't care that they are falling off as I always reinforce them anyway).  Think of it like when you buy a scarf or a new pair of socks to supplement what you already have in your closet - a wardrobe boost!  Well, this is a stash-boost!

4.  Use a plate stand or easel to showcase your work.  LOAD has really become a family affair at my house.  My kids (and husband, too) are eager to hear the day's prompt and what I'm going to scrap about each day.  I proudly display them on a plate holder in the dining room throughout the month and they enjoy seeing them.  You will (hopefully) get more encouragement and support when you are busily scrapping if the whole family recognizes the important memory-making work you are doing.

3.  Scraplift YOURSELF!  No need to reinvent the wheel.  Find a layout you completed and love and lift the design.  New embellishments...NEW LAYOUT!

2.  Embrace the LOAD Community.  This was the biggest surprise during my first LOAD back in October 2010. strangers, really, left me beautiful, positive comments on MY layouts.  ME!  What a thrill!  So, in turn I did the same and the love spread around.  Now these amazing women are no longer strangers, but wonderful friends.  I've even had the pleasure to meet some of them in real life.  So even though LOAD keeps you very busy, make the time to comment on a few layouts a day.  The feedback you leave will be treasured and the comments you receive will be a great motivation to you.   You will quickly feel the LOAD love.

And my #1 LOAD Life Saver Tip is...

1.  Be kind to yourself.  LOAD is not for the weary, but we all can be successful in our own way.  It is hard to make time to scrapbook every single day.  Whatever your stage or role in life, we are all busy and have commitments and obligations.  Celebrate every single layout you make...even if it's just one.  I've completed many LOADs and the sense of accomplishments is fabulous, but I've also been on the other end of not completing an entire LOAD and you know what?  My End of LOAD pile photo may not be as high, but the sense of accomplishment is still there as I know stories were documented, photos were preserved and relationships fostered through this great LOAD community.

And there you have it folks...tonight's Top Ten!

  Be sure to visit the other lovely ladies on the list below to read up on more tips and advice for LOAD.

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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Counterfeit Kit Challenge November Reveal and Blog Hop

Welcome to our November Reveal!  The full report on this month's offering begins at the Counterfeit Kit Blog, so go here if you'd like to hop in order.  This month we are featuring a kit from "Scrapbooks & Cards Today" entitled, "Fabulous Fall". 

 You've probably seen the full layout of the kit in the previous stops on the hop, so I grabbed this photo from the website that gives you sort of a mood board feel for the kit.

I soaked up these photos and then proceeded to counterfeit purely going on intuition and feel.  No matching of exact trying to copy embellishments.  Just grabbed what spoke to me from the "autumn department" of my scrapbook store...I mean STASH!  Sometimes it's best not to overthink it.

Here's what I came up with...

Since I just LOVE my printer's tray, "Tray o' Plenty" seemed like an appropriate name for the overflowing and over-abundance of scrap supplies I have at my fingertips.  I do feel very fortunate and blessed to have so many fun supplies.

So thankful for my scrap-bestie who always showers me with goodies.  Fellow Master Forger, Leslie (you will visit her next in the hop) sent me those FAB wood veneer owls and leaves, kraft doilies, metal clip birdies, tickets and pointer stickers!  That's MOST of my kit!

Sorry for the glare...this was the only time for my photo shoot and the sun was quite bright.  The little American Crafts 6x6 pad called "Autumn Crisp" plus a DCWV "Spiced Cider" paper pad are going to serve as my papers this month.  Throwing in paper pads (and we ALL seem to have many of them) is great for quick kit building and actually using them up (or at least making a dent).  All coordinated and ready to go!  Definitely remember that when time is short, but you still want to build a kit.

Well, Ms. Scarecrow and I are going to start digging in to the supplies!  Be sure to link up your kit to November Mr. Linky.

Here's the order of the hop!

A warm welcome to Guest Designer and fellow Jersey Girl, Binty!  
So glad to have you with us this month!

Thanks for stopping by!