Monday, October 5, 2015

Sunday Driver - Layout #1

This month I'm participating in the Layout A Day Challenge (LOAD), as we call it.  It is the ScrapHappy community's private session this go around.  Leslie and I have had the honor of running the whole thing the past few years.  It's great fun and draws from a whole other level of creativity, but it can sometimes take away from me actually scrapping.  I'm just gonna keep chugging along and go at my own pace as I know I'm a dedicated scrapper.  There was a time when I really felt like I needed to "prove myself" and create a layout every single day, but now it's just more relaxed in my mind.

So, even though it's day is the Day 1 layout where Leslie inspired us to tell something legendary about ourselves.  I took a lighter approach talking about how I'm a "legendary" soup maker.  With my "Sunday Driver" kit ready to go, I had all the supplies I needed.  Take a look...

Have any other good soup recipes?

What makes YOU legendary?

I'd love to hear!

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Counterfeit Kit Challenge October Reveal and Blog Hop

Well, hello there!  I see you are back for some more scrappy inspiration...counterfeit style!  It is a bit addicting, isn't it?  I find the counterfeiting and kitting process almost as much fun as the scrapbooking part!  It's fun to use and play with scrappy goodies!

This month you will need to be a super sleuth scrapper as you navigate some clues to create your kit.  We're not providing a direct kit-to-copy, rather a case file of evidence, testimony, scheme and a scene to get your creativity flowing this month.  Color Stories Inspiration (CSI) offers a unique approach to scrapping that can certainly be translated into kit building.  Honestly, it opens the door (maybe even the CAR door) even wider for kit possibilities!  Let's take a look at the case file - think of it like your road map:

It's beginning to feel like autumn around here and this photo and color scheme ties right into that vibe  I've got an urge to get on that open road with the old '69 Bug and see some fall foliage.  
C'mon...let's go for a drive!

Ladies, Start your Engines...

Of course, the inspiration photo spoke to me immediately!  I knew exactly how I would stage my kit this month.  We're fortunate to have one of these in the garage.

I used the color scheme as my guide for choosing my papers.  Shades of pumpkin, butternut squash, sweet cream and mint cover the windshield.  The plaid piece just seemed to have that vintage car feel and satisfies the grey in the inspiration.

Now, here are the B sides!
Hehe!  That's kind of fun!  Remember that your B sides are fair game when you actually start working with your kit.  Even if that side wasn't what you had intended when you assembled your kit, it doesn't matter!  It's all about USING your stash!

Next, on to the printer's tray.  The evidence called for metal and music so I added some metal eighth note brads.  Numbers...some large black and cream ones.  Transportation...bikes and some little vintage car die cuts that are stuck in a traffic jam of embellies.  String was also mentioned and trust me, there's some baker's twine in there!  Then just a variety of spare parts like brads, stickers, border strips and buttons that seemed to match the feel of the kit.

Also in the evidence list are mists and watercolors.  
You never know when you may need an "oil" change!

Well, we're back from our Sunday drive!  Time for you to gather your supplies so you can take a whirl down your own scrappy road.

Take a spin over to all of our Master Forgers' blogs.  Your first pit stop will be our guest designer - the amazing and lovely, Tina!  You will also have the opportunity to stop in to our 3 new design team members' "garages":  Susan, Kelly and Clair!  Be sure to honk your horn for them. 


Guest Designer:

Now, buckle up and scrap safely!