Monday, October 5, 2015

Sunday Driver - Layout #1

This month I'm participating in the Layout A Day Challenge (LOAD), as we call it.  It is the ScrapHappy community's private session this go around.  Leslie and I have had the honor of running the whole thing the past few years.  It's great fun and draws from a whole other level of creativity, but it can sometimes take away from me actually scrapping.  I'm just gonna keep chugging along and go at my own pace as I know I'm a dedicated scrapper.  There was a time when I really felt like I needed to "prove myself" and create a layout every single day, but now it's just more relaxed in my mind.

So, even though it's day is the Day 1 layout where Leslie inspired us to tell something legendary about ourselves.  I took a lighter approach talking about how I'm a "legendary" soup maker.  With my "Sunday Driver" kit ready to go, I had all the supplies I needed.  Take a look...

Have any other good soup recipes?

What makes YOU legendary?

I'd love to hear!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Soup is one of my favorite foods. Your soup looks delicious! I think your question is a tough one. I survived a very traumatic accident in 1985 when I was 21. I have a permanently paralyzed left arm. I think what probably makes me legendary is that I don't let it stop me from doing anything that I want to do.

    Beautiful layout. I love your adorable owl. Great design!

    1. courageous! Your work always inspires me...YOU are an inspiration. Hugs!

  2. Beautiful layout Lynnette a soup maker is Legendary for sure :) I'm married to one that makes a mean soup himself :) I envy you both for this :) You and Leslie are doing a wonderful job with LOAD too :) It's been fun for me and I love the little extras you give with the prompts :)

  3. Love how well the papers work with the cheese! You are always whipping up something wonderful in that beautiful kitchen of yours :D I see you added twine to your buttons, hehe! Is this the WM sketch?
    I am probably more of a legend in my own mind than irl...

  4. I'm definitely a recipe-follower when it comes to soup - I envy your ability to cook one up with just what you have on hand. I love the papers and buttons - nice and cozy, just like a warm bowl of soup!

  5. I love seeing your pages about the food you make. I think you must be an awesome cook! I strive to be but I'm certainly not legendary - although my Christmas dinners are pretty legendary amongst my German family :-)

    Love that you tackled my WM sketch - thanks :-)

    I think I might agree with Leslie on my legendary status but I'm quite the survivor over the years so that'S enough for me in my mind :-)

    And you, my friend, are a legendary friend for sure!