Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Challenge #3 - Inspired by a Foreign Language

Hello.  The third challenge for the month of August at Counterfeit Kit Challenge is to be inspired by foreign language.  I immediately knew what I'd do.  It was in my head, but I couldn't get it to come out on the page.  I tried and tried, but nothing was working.  I wanted to use the sunflower photos from my reveal photo shoot and use the word "fleur" as the title, but it just wasn't coming together.

In the meantime, I had another layout going that had come to a standstill.  It was a selfie I had taken of my husband and me on our cruise, but I couldn't find a title that made me happy.  The faux burlap chipboard letters are a rather wide font and anything too long doesn't work.  I had settled on "Grown Up Time" as the journaling talks about how we had some stolen moments on the cruise while the kids were off at their activity clubs.  Kind of a lame title, but it's all I could come up with.

Until something came to mind...
 While struggling to make the layout for this challenge, the word RENDEZVOUS popped into my head!  Maybe it was subconscious because later my husband reminded me that the photo was taken in the Rendezvous Lounge!   How perfect is that?  I did have to break up the word due to the wide-ness of the letters, but it works for me.

So here are the photos of our rendezvous...

Thanks for stopping by.
Let's rendezvous again some time!

Monday, August 1, 2016

Counterfeit Kit Challenge August Reveal and Blog Hop

Welcome back to another month of scrappy fun!

Our creative leader, Lisa set us on an interesting path of inspiration.

Follow me down the garden path to see what she's found for us.

I immediately fell in love with the subtle vibe of this kit.  I just adore all of those neutral tones that remind me of canvas, linen and burlap...a very organic feel.

Keep following the path to my garden showcasing my August Kit...

Nothing more natural than a home garden.

Let's see what's growing!

Lots of natural, kraft and burlap to match the inspiration.
  A bit of color is added with the MME hexagon paper.
Are hexagons out?  They were all the rage a few years ago.
If they are...don't care!  It's about time this beautiful paper gets used.
Some botanicals are added with that butterfly paper and the vellum.

I used this black floral piece to stand in for the bold black paper in the inspiration.

I love the "farmer's market" theme to this piece plus it ties in to the color scheme.
Burlap paper and faux burlap chipboard letters were a must!

Thin gold thickers (Oops!  I photographed them upside down!) stand in for the natural colored ones in the inspiration.  I think the style may be an exact match...just a different finish.

Natural colored labels and some journaling cards (from my dear Leslie) will hold my thoughts.

Look what I dug up!
  Little spots, labels and banners in kraft, pink, and mint edged with black and gold.
  I'd say they're a perfect match!

So, I hope you are "naturally" inspired to create your hybrid variety kit.

Visit the scrappy gardens of my fellow Master Forgers and leave them some love.

A warm welcome to Karen, our guest designer!  So glad you are here.

Lynnette:  YOU ARE HERE!

Now go get this bee!

Sending Scrappiness!