Saturday, February 8, 2014

A Heartfelt Tutorial and Layout

Hey there!  Ready to do a little forging?  I have a little something to show you.  Not anything earth shattering, but just a bit of inspiration to make one of the papers that was featured in this month's kit.

Let me pull up the photo...

See that watercolor heart paper under the doily?  You can make THAT!  So easy!

Just grab some plain cardstock and watercolors.  My scrapbestie, Leslie sent me some watercolor crayons, but I also used a good ol' Crayola paint box, too.  You can see I practiced a bit on some scrap cardstock.  I tried not to draw a heart with the brush and then fill in as that left a line around the outside (you can see that on the blue one below).  Instead, I tried to just swirl the brush around making the bumps of the heart and then extending down to the point.  I also kept my color pretty watery to get the same look as the inspiration.  

And here's my finished result. (Conversation Candy Hearts not included!)

While we are at it, I have a LOAD (Layout A Day) to complete for today, so let's make this easy by using my new kit and the paper I just made.

Hey!  There's the paper I made!

It's important to not be too critical of yourself when painting.  First of all, the original paper is pretty free form and second, if there's anything you feel is less than perfect, then just cut or hide that part!

And here's a close-up of how I trimmed it into a photo mat.

Hope this inspires you to get your watercolors out and make this paper or just play.  I have to's soooo relaxing!

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Making My Kit Work for Me

This month I am participating in Lain Ehmann's Layout A Day month long challenge.  It's a fast paced, inspiring filled month of scrapping.  Each day there's a new prompt in which you have about 24 hours to create a layout.  While you don't HAVE to follow the prompt, challenging yourself to do so broadens your creativity and scrapping horizons.  Using my Counterfeit Kit, "Love Birds" definitely helped my process today.  Pre-assembled product at the ready makes for fast and easy scrapping on this journey.  Here's the layout I created today...

Today's prompt was no journaling.  GASP!  While the story is usually so important, sometimes (just sometimes) the photo truly does speak a thousand words, as in this case.

Here are some close-ups...

Just a few strategically placed brads and a few other embellishments from my printer's tray and this layout is good to go.

Love, love, love these kids and when a layout comes together this easily.  I wouldn't recommend it for every layout, but go ahead and give yourself permission to let the photo tell the story.  

Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

CKC Challenge #1 - Behold the Ugly Sweater!

Our fearless Counterfeit Kit Challenge leader, Bethany always offers us beautiful and interesting inspiration for creating layouts.  This month she is pushing us a little out of our comfort zone.  Our inspiration isn't pretty or beautiful.  It is downright tacky.  The inspiration for Challenge #1 is to peruse her Ugly Sweater Pinterest Board and draw inspiration from it.  Huh?  Well, the saying, "Inspiration is Everywhere" certainly rings true this time around because while I wouldn't be caught dead in any of these, there are certain aspects of each one of these bedazzled "duds" that can be inspiring.

As I frantically scrolled down the pinterest page and nixed each one I saw, I was relieved when I spied this one...

Yes, I said relieved!  Compared to my other choices, I was relieved.  My family and I are huge fans of the movie, "A Christmas Story" and we just saw the musical on Broadway in New York City this past December.  BAM!  INSPIRED!

Here is my interpretation...

Not only does the layout follow the subject matter of the inspiration, but it also follows the same color scheme.  And it's a Hat trick (any hockey fans out there?) to have this "knit-inspired" paper by Authentique in my February Kit, "Love Birds".

Let's take a closer look...

So, give it a try!  Be inspired by something gaudy and ugly.  Keep an open mind and you are sure to end up with a unique and beautiful layout from a very unlikely source.

Be sure to share your creations over on Mr. Linky or better yet, save it for our readers' blog hop at the end of the month.  Find out more information about that here.

And if you were to wear that sweater, please do so's FRAH-GEE-LAY!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Counterfeit Kit Challenge February Reveal Blog Hop

Welcome to another month of kitting and creating.  This month Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog has some wonderful inspiration for your papercrafting needs.  Check out Kits De Somni here to see all of their offerings.  The one I chose has a decidedly lovey-dovey feel.  Take a look:

Speaking of doves and love, take a bird's eye view of my kit for February, "Love Birds".


Fly off your perch and let's soar over to the papers...

Maggie Holmes' products are soooo romantic!

Settle in to the nest where you will find stickers, chipboard and brads.

Lots of sweet embellishments fill my printer's tray this month.  Punches and stamps (which I often forget to add) found their way into my aviary themed kit.

Let's take one more look of the whole flock...

Hope you can find some inspiration to help you soar to new heights with your scrapping this month.  

Be sure to follow along the hop and say hello to all of the Master Forgers...especially one of our favorite former forgers (that's a tongue twister!) Susanne, who is our guest designer this month.  Good to have you with us this month, S!

Guest Designer Susanne:
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