Tuesday, February 4, 2014

CKC Challenge #1 - Behold the Ugly Sweater!

Our fearless Counterfeit Kit Challenge leader, Bethany always offers us beautiful and interesting inspiration for creating layouts.  This month she is pushing us a little out of our comfort zone.  Our inspiration isn't pretty or beautiful.  It is downright tacky.  The inspiration for Challenge #1 is to peruse her Ugly Sweater Pinterest Board and draw inspiration from it.  Huh?  Well, the saying, "Inspiration is Everywhere" certainly rings true this time around because while I wouldn't be caught dead in any of these, there are certain aspects of each one of these bedazzled "duds" that can be inspiring.

As I frantically scrolled down the pinterest page and nixed each one I saw, I was relieved when I spied this one...

Yes, I said relieved!  Compared to my other choices, I was relieved.  My family and I are huge fans of the movie, "A Christmas Story" and we just saw the musical on Broadway in New York City this past December.  BAM!  INSPIRED!

Here is my interpretation...

Not only does the layout follow the subject matter of the inspiration, but it also follows the same color scheme.  And it's a Hat trick (any hockey fans out there?) to have this "knit-inspired" paper by Authentique in my February Kit, "Love Birds".

Let's take a closer look...

So, give it a try!  Be inspired by something gaudy and ugly.  Keep an open mind and you are sure to end up with a unique and beautiful layout from a very unlikely source.

Be sure to share your creations over on Mr. Linky or better yet, save it for our readers' blog hop at the end of the month.  Find out more information about that here.

And if you were to wear that sweater, please do so's FRAH-GEE-LAY!


  1. Fabulous page, so much to look at, thanks for the inspiration.

  2. I like the clothing label on your layout and those photos made me smile.Cute peg too.

  3. love your interpretation of that ugly thing! The layout is super cute and full of so much to find and admire. I especially adore the alpha - is it wooden? Thickers? You really show us how there is beauty in everything if you only look hard enough!

    1. Yes, Lisa they are wooden and by a company called Lil' Davis Designs. I paid more than a I usually would for a set of letters, but just fell in love with the size and finish. Thanks for looking :)

  4. Brilliantly inspired, it's like that jumper was made for YOU!

  5. Definitely MADE for you (in a good way :~)

  6. A perfect challenge for you. Great LO

  7. Love tour take. I thought it was mushrooms on the sweater to start. The tree paper is perfect for your layout

  8. ps. Lynette, you asked about the birch tree paper in my Feb kit? It's October Afternoon Silent Night - White Christmas ( Gorgeous isn't it? I think I picked up more than one sheet ;-)

  9. Talk about spinning straw into gold, well done. Great interpretation, right down to the zigzag stitching.