Friday, June 29, 2012

Scrapbook Expo 2012 - A Shopping Extravaganza!

The long awaited day had finally arrived.  Some women have a shoe fetish, but me?  Scrapbook supplies...paper and stickers and vintage goodies and buttons and ribbons and the list goes on and on.  All of this and much more could be found at the Scrapbook Expo in Somerset, NJ.  Sure, I've attended before, but back then I was just a scrapbook collector.  I'd buy all kinds of stuff that I would never use.  I'd think about using the stuff, but always had some excuse of why I couldn't.  Ever since I started Layout A Day scrapbook challenge and especially since February 2012, I've been documenting memories consistently - at least 90 pages alone since February!  In my opinion, a shopping spree was in order to replenish my stock (not that it is really lacking - he-he!)  Just like some girls can never have too many shoes,  well some girls can never have too many scrapbook supplies.  Here are some photos from the day:

While waiting in the ticket line, I ran into fellow ScrapHappy member and LOADster, Janet.  She has been super supportive with her heartfelt comments on my layouts.  I only know her through a mutual friend, but feel we have a special connection through our internet correspondence.  I love that we both are wearing our LOAD Past Perfect shirts!

Like a kid in a candy shop!

It's so much fun to see all the pieces of the October Afternoon lines in person!  One of my personal faves!


Silly Glue Dots Man!

And then there was Jenni Bowlin Studios.  Be still my heart!

There were lots of scrapbook booths with lots of "stuff" and then there was the Jenni Bowlin booth.  Her displays were so inviting and charming.

And my brush with a scrappy celeb!  Jenni was as sweet as all of her products.

Finally, here's my Expo haul.  I really enjoyed the Jenni Bowlin booth since I've not seen a lot of her products in person.  It's hard to choose my favorite purchase of the day, but since I was asked on facebook, I would have to say the Jenni Bowlin vintage cardboard milk bottle caps and the Pink Paislee chipboard hexagons from their Nantucket line.  I'm a sucker for anything named Nantucket, but these little embellies in the ultra hip geometric shape are just fantastic.

Now it's time to start scrapping!


  1. Great review. So glad to run into you yesterday. I loved that Jenni Bowlin booth too.

  2. Oooooo, the goodness! I adored the Jenni Bowlin booth at Novi - took a class from her one year & she was a delightful lady. She also has an antique booth at the Country Living shows in Atlanta & Columbus (& Texas? not sure...) Love that you got those butterflies - totally JB! I am intrigued by what appear to be straws on the far right? And what is next to the sweet little bundle of flowers? Can't WAIT to see what you create! Oh, and hi, Janet! Just love that you met up with another LOADster, lol. Someday we'll do it together!

  3. Sounds like you had a great time! "Mmmmmm...Thickers" indeed!! How fun to see a picture of you & Janet!! Go ScrapHappy!