Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Finding a good balance

So glad to be back into my scrappy groove.  The kids and I spent the morning at the park, then stopped at the local produce stand and finally returned home for the afternoon for some inside time (aka scrapbooking!).  Our finished basement is set up as hobby central with a workroom, playroom and scraproom all right next to each other.  My son was busy creating his custom Lego Star Wars Clones (a new passion of his), my daughter worked on coloring a large cardboard house we have in our playroom and I was able to put together a layout from our trip to the produce stand.  I love having the capability of printing my pictures at home.  It enables me to follow any scrappy whim I may have.  Here's the fruit of my labor:

These photos were taken just an hour or 2 before and now here they are on a layout.  My photo printer has truly transformed my scrappy life.

The next layout took a little longer to complete as I didn't have a whole block of time like today.  I am learning to make better use of little chunks of time to "play".  These photos are what inspired my idea for the Farmer's Market kit in the first place.  My husband and daughter enjoy gardening and planting, so this is their special project.  Me?  I'm not as fond of digging in the dirt.  I'm more of a paper and scissors girl!

Not sure how much time I'll have in the next couple of days to scrap.  But that's ok as I am heading to the Scrapbook Expo in Somerset, NJ!  About an hour from my home and pretty close to my in-laws, I'm going to drop the kids off with them and then shop 'til I drop!  I've attended in the past, but more as a supply collector vs. a supply USER!  It is such a good feeling to create and document so many memories.  I'll be sure to take many pictures and share some of my finds at Expo.


  1. I really do adore these pages. Your kit is so perfect for summer! Fresh is the word I keep coming back to.
    Cannot WAIT for the Expo 411! I have something to go in the mail to you that I know you need (wink) so be on the lookout next week. I probably won't send it until Friday...

  2. I think the design of these pages is wonderful, and the color palette is very summery. Nicely done.

  3. Lovely layouts!!! I especially love the layering on the second one.