Saturday, May 19, 2012

Scrapping through Osmosis

Yesterday's LOAD prompt was to use the sense of smell as an inspiration for your layout.  Smell is said to be the most powerful sense in that it can trigger so many memories.  I find this to be so true, but yesterday was not a day I wanted to go far down memory lane.  It was a hard day emotionally and I didn't want to venture in that direction...but that's a story for another day.  Anyway, I decided to skip the smell prompt and use the hat inspiration from the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog.  I studied the hats for a long time trying to find something to hang on to for inspiration.  I decided that the burgundy and green hat reminded me of my Christmas wedding, so I rifled through my box of wedding photos and immediately came across a close up of my wedding bouquet.  My new hubby and I are seeking refuge under the bouquet as we are being bombarded with rice...back when that practice was still in favor.  Oh...those gardenias in my bouquet were so aromatic!  Whenever I smell gardenias, it reminds me of that special day.  This would make a perfect story for the LOAD prompt.  Shift gears again and start to scrap my memory of those fragrant flowers.

No gardenias or even white flowers in my stash, so off to YouTube to find a tutorial.  Found one and fired up the cricut, got my spray bottle, and started scrunching petals.  Some pearl brads, a heart punch for some leaves and Martha Stewart glitter completed the florals.  This was my first attempt at ANY handmade flowers and in the end I was quite pleased.  The addition of some tulle and pearls and a vintage journaling card set on some regal paper and my layout was complete.

After all was said and done and my layout was posted on flickr, my scrap buddy and CKC guest designer, Leslie, noted how I nailed the hat challenge.  What?  I was doing the smell challenge!  But you know what?  I think I did both.  All of the studying of those hats must have been embedded in my brain and came out in the form of flowers and tulle and pearls as inspired by those hats.  I did indeed complete it without actually knowing it.  I love when that happens :~)


  1. WOW - you MADE those flowers???
    I am totally blown away!
    Now I love this even more :~)

  2. It's a lovely page - whatever the challenge you took - you nailed it.

  3. I never would have guessed those were handmade flowers, you rocked it!!! Such a beautiful layout. Love the photo too!!!

  4. Way to go for making your own flowers! I'm a great fan of making your own embellies. I hope that now you'll make more of your own flowers, cause yours are gorgeous.
    Love your layout and the royal feeling of it.