Friday, May 11, 2012

Inspired by the sense of touch

In today's LOAD prompt, Lain had us thinking about how we can convey the sense of touch into a scrapbook page.  Connecting an image with something tactile came rather easily to me.  I thought of this picture of my son and his beloved Teddy.

Before locating the actual picture, I thought he was holding the bear, but once found I realized he was using it as a pillow.  Either way, I still felt the picture evoked the sense of touch.  The fluffy softness of the plush toy...soft enough to be used as his pillow.

Then on to construct the layout.  I knew I wanted to use the more graphic designs from my kit, along with the bike embellishments to tie into the transportation elements in his bedding.  Shimelle, the master of combining pattern papers, assisted me in the layout with one of her starting points.  The final touch was the ruler at the top which symbolizes my son growing up.  I think he'll always have Teddy, but I'm not sure how much longer he'll be clenched under his arm or used as a pillow.  I'm glad I'll always have this layout that shows their special little bond.

Sweet (or as my scrappy pal Leslie says "sweat") Dreams!


  1. I love this such a sweet page! I think I may have to sneak into my sons room and snap a photo of him with his blue bear tonite!

  2. Hehe! Sweat dreams, indeed! Such a perfect photo of the sleep of childhood. Totally love the elements you chose from your kit - perfect! I think I'm going to have to find my "Shimelle" for those days when I'm struggling with my page :~)

  3. Aw sweet and I love the little line of bicycles

  4. Great page - I like that you used the orange papers to complement the blues of the photos - great color combo.

  5. This is so cute. I like how all of your little details have meaning.

  6. This is such a sweet memory and I'm glad you have the photos to scrap! What a lovely LO...I adore orange and put some in my Counterfeit Kit this month too!