Friday, May 4, 2012

LOAD Day 4 - Five Senses Friday Hearing

Today Lain challenged us to use our sense of hearing to capture a memory in addition to the visual of a photograph.  I thought of several ideas being my Dad's accordion music.  His playing always made me happy and certainly brought him a tremendous amount of joy, but I didn't feel I had a specific story to tell just yet.  Then I remembered how my Grandmother would always sing "Happy Birthday" with an added "da da da daaaaaaahhh!!" at the end.  It was sung as if to say, "and many more".  I envision a Vaudeville performer singing it while shaking his white hat above his head!  What a picture that would be!  Anyway, this was my Grandmother's version of the song and it is our tradition to sing this add-on after every birthday serenade.  I thought I knew of the perfect picture, until I came across these of us actually singing to her on her 91st Birthday.  I love that I have a picture of her singing her "da da da daaaahhhh" to herself as seen in the picture on the right.  The rest of the layout came together quite easily with the jiffy background paper.  Just a few embellishments, a journaling card and some baker's twine and it was complete.  Story documented.  This definitely could have been one of those traditions that future generations would say, "Why do we sing Happy Birthday that way?"  Now they'll know.

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  1. Love that you have the story down for future generations, and in such a beautiful way :~) What a great photo of her, too!