Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Ants Go Marching - A simple technique for your layouts - Fingerprint Drawings

Well, if you stuck to the summertime/picnic theme of this month's kit, you may want to try an oldie, but goodie craft technique to add that personal touch (literally) to your layouts.  Remember making thumbprint drawings as a kid?  Caterpillars, ants, bunnies...just let your imagination run wild and you can turn your fingerprint into anything!  I actually used my pinkie to make the resident ants that seem to be present at every picnic.  It's pretty simple, but here's the process:

 First, I cut a strip of solid cardstock about 3x12.

Next, I used my Jenni Bowlin Jester border punch to make a fun edge for my whimsical border strip.

 Time to get your hands dirty!  I practiced a little bit first and found my pinkie to be the right size for the head, abdomen and thorax.

 Now just march down the strip making your ants!

I used a black marker to add 6 legs and the antennas.  Pretty simple and fun!

And here's how I incorporated the marching ants into the first layout of my CKC August Kit -
 Picnic Parade!

Hope this inspires you to either get your fingers messy with your inkpads or have a barbeque picnic at your local park!  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Too cute! So simple but what a great addition to the page - and I love the expressions you have given those ants, lol! Very creative page :~)

  2. oh my cuteness how cool is this? you have completely blossomed as a scrapbooker and I love your fresh, simple and always-meaningful fun style. this tutorial makes me grin! :) i need my own counterfitted border now... hmmm, how to make butteflies?

  3. Very clever. Now I want to know how you make the bunnies. I think I can figure out a caterpillar.

  4. Great layout! I love the punched and stamped border!

  5. Too cute, love the little ants!!!

  6. LOL - that's a brilliant page and a gorgeous border punch *sigh* I have serious supply envy now! Love the grassy edge and the way your tag sits in it too!

  7. What a great idea - gotta love leaving your prints on your work. I was just at a rummage sale and picked up a box of odds and ends buttons for scrapping - and in the bottom I found a cute little ant stamp. I may have to lift your page so I can use it right away.

  8. Oh my goodness! My kids have made so many of those fingerprint cuties. And I never would have thought to use them on a scrapbook page. Love the fun behind this page!!!

  9. Very cute addition to your page!! Great job!!