Monday, August 27, 2012

Inspired by a Summer Garden and Harvesting the Layouts

Well, the fruits of my labor were plentiful this month in my scrapbooking garden.  Having the opportunity to be the guest designer at Counterfeit Kit was a real honor and validation of my scrapbooking journey.  Not that I NEED validation...but it always feels good to be noticed.  What gardener wouldn't want to get the prize winning blue ribbon on her heirloom tomatoes at the Farmer's Fair?  Just like a flower or vegetable garden, I have been carefully cultivating my scrapbooking garden for about 2 years now.  There have been some "weeds" along the way like layouts and techniques gone wrong.  I've had some pests wreak last Fall when my scraproom was flooded by the deluge of rains we had.  And just as gardening offers a type of therapy and time to think, scrapbooking has enabled me to work through some tough stuff that life has thrown my way.  It helps me focus on all that is right in life, enabled me to make some wonderful friends and provides a way to keep those who are no longer with us close to my heart.  Best of all, instead of dirt under my fingernails, I have distress ink and adhesive on my fingers!  So through the trials and errors, it's time to reap the benefits and harvest my crops (pun intended!).  Here is my Summer Garden inspired layout:

My daughter's beloved sunflowers.  She and her friend Amelia would sing happy birthday to the little seedlings almost everyday.  I think that may have been the secret to her success!
This was a perfect month-end layout as it was easy to find scraps to cut the circles.

In all, I had 9+ layouts this month...thanks to the motivation of Counterfeit Kit.  Here's a recap:

From this...

 To these...

Thanks for the special highlight as guest designer and to all who popped over to say hi!  It truly was a bumper crop. (Sorry, I couldn't help myself - hehe!)


  1. What a fabulous crop from your picnic supplies - you have been an inspiring Guest Forger and your blog posts have been a pleasure to read. Looking forward to more scrapping from you in the future :D
    P.S. I love the way you've journalled on your sunflower page - really sweet highlight - well done Gracie and Amelia :D

  2. Lynette...I have missed you since LOAD. I am so excited to follow your blog. I have you can see..trying to do a little, too. Partially for scrappy/crafty things and partially just as my own journal.

    As always- I love you work. I want to try counterfeiting some time. I have SO MUCH stash and my new job is less $ but more life so that counterfeit idea really works for me.

    Good to see your recognized. Have a beautiful week.


  3. This is the perfect end to your productive month (continuing the theme!) Adore the circles & how right you are - exactly right for the bottom of the magic blue box. I may lift this...
    Am so proud of you for being chosen GD this month.
    And, oh! how much I love your clever posts! Your artistry isn't just on the page, but in the words :~)

  4. I was "digging" around the blog "patch" and learned that you also won the draw at Whimsical Musings. Good on you!
    It was a very good month for me too. I enjoyed sharing it with you.