Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Counterfeit Kit Challenge April Reveal and Blog Hop


(Cue sultry, jazzy piano music)

It was a dark and stormy night when Bethany sent out the kit-to-copy to the Master Forgers.   Lynnette sat in a dimly lit room on the third floor of the Acme building staring at her laptop screen for hours wondering how she could make sense of the inspiration.

The Messy Box is here!
Messy Box - A Beautiful Mess

  Would she try for a direct copy or go rogue?   She's always been a good girl who follows the rules, but she was feeling restless and wanting to break free of the same old same old.  It was time for a change, a change that would set her free.  But would she go against the grain?  Be a rebel?   That's the struggle of a Master Forger....Master Forger Extraordinaire.

Here's how she made sense of it...

Dark, moody and mysterious, just like the film genre, this "Film Noir" kit eludes to a bit of an
 "Old Hollywood" vibe.

Like a savvy Director/Master Forger, Lynnette found her angle and went with an almost exclusive black and white kit with a bit of Hollywood glitz and gold.  She didn't have anything nearly as graphic as in the inspiration when she made her casting call to her stash, so she worked with the talent she already had.

Let's put the spotlight on the starring roles...the papers.

And the supporting cast...the embellishments!

And that's a wrap, folks!  
We will now take this to edit and produce some Oscar-worthy black and white pages.  

Hope this "short" helped inspire you to create your own kit.  Find your own "genre" and make it your own based on the "talent" you have in your stash!

The hop starts over at the CKC blog, but here is the list of the entire cast of Master Forgers in case you get lost along the way.  Be sure to visit them for more inspiration.

Lynnette  YOU ARE HERE

A warm welcome to my ScrapHappy sisters who may be visiting to check us out. 
 Come along and create with us at Counterfeit Kit Challenge!

And, in case you were wondering...
Through the magic of technicolor, here is what "Film Noir" looks like in real life!



  1. And the Oscar for Best Presentation of Paper Product in a Short a Master Forger Extraordinaire goes to...... Lynnette!

    Of course! I wouldn't have expected any less - a simply amazing presentation that had me smiling and shaking my head. Perfect. Love love love it and what a fabulous way to take the kit. The gold touches of course, call out to me but the whole way you took this is amazing. I can see the actor-in-the-house influence here and the inclusion of the clapperboard is perfect. Well done Lynnette. You take home the gold again :-)

  2. Fabulous and such an imaginative way to present your kit.Looks like lots of yummy black & white pages coming up for you.

  3. Love it Lynnette... can't wait to see what wonderful things you make with this.. thanks for helping me find my way :) xxx

  4. Oh my gosh!! You are so creative, and I love love love your displays every.single.time!! Such a unique and fun twist on the inspiration! I wish I could think of the creative displays like you!

  5. Oh this is so cleverly conceived, constructed and showcased! Take your bow, you deserve it.

  6. Such a fabulous way to introduce your kit - what a story. (And what a kit!) Enjoy x

  7. A runaway hit!
    You've chosen the perfect angle to capture the angst of the oh-so-graphic novel your screenplay is based upon.
    Okay - that's as much theme imagery as I can squeeze out of this brain first thing in the morning before coffee ;~)

    SO CLEVER!!! As always, but this my be my favorite reveal ever. I love the sleek, glam quality of your b/w/gold kit.

  8. Forgot to say: ENCORE! ENCORE! WILD APPLAUSE!!!

  9. You are da! Love the kit and love, love, love your intro and presentation of it! You are incredibly creative!!!!

  10. OMgosh that was just EPIC! I agree Encore ! Wonderful kit from Master Forger Extraordinaire, you can see it throughout the pictures :) Love the gold with the B/W it's gonna be cool to see what you create with the kit :)

  11. Love the black and white papers and also the graphic feel of them. Can't wait to see your pages.

  12. Wow, what a great presentation of your kit! I will take on the challenge to create a kit 😊

  13. You never fail to amaze and amuse with your kit reveals Lynnette :-D
    A beautiful classy and stylish kit!

  14. You have really outdone yourself with this month's reveal - so clever and fun! I can see that you definitely enjoy this part of the process. Your kit is very classic and timeless, and I especially enjoy all the touches of gold you added. Bravo!!

  15. Love this movie! Very brave though to go all B/W!

  16. This is so well done! Deffs Oscar worthy!