Wednesday, February 4, 2015

We're Golden!

A Poor Scrapper's Version of the Vellum Map Paper

I know you saw it in the kit...the gold vellum map paper!  How could you miss it?  If you happened to look for it to purchase online, you probably quickly discovered that it is OUT OF STOCK. 

What is a scrapper to do? 

 Forge it, of course!  

Gold is all the rage right now and I've seen various tutorials out there for gold leafing using a laser printer and laminator and it usually starts with cutting out an image from a Silhouette.  I don't own any of those machines and by the time I'd invest in all of them, the gold trend will be done!   LOL!  I do often think about getting a Silhouette, though, as I know they can do such fabulous things.  Maybe one of these days!  In the meantime, here's a tutorial on how I created my own version of the vellum paper with very simple tools and a little bit of patience.

Here's the elusive, exclusive version from Chic Tags no one can get their hands on...

And here's mine...

An exact replica?  No, but pretty close!

I used a piece of map paper to trace a template of the countries using a piece of vellum.  I cut that out to make a tracer and then traced on the back side of the gold specialty paper.  Used my Cutter Bees for some fussy cutting and the continents started to take shape.  I decided I liked the map paper behind the vellum, so it stayed.  A gold pen and straight edge created the latitude and longitude and the embossed compass rose was my own addition to make this exclusively mine!

So, no fancy tools or machines required!

Try it!  I think you'll like the results.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. LOVE it !!! YAY for someone with scissor skills, patience and time!

  2. Love your counterfeit!!! You did an amazing job tracing and cutting out those images!! I looked at the image for a long time before I read the journaling you did, I was trying to figure out the pen!! You are brilliant!!!

  3. Wow, your replica is awesome! Will definitely try this!

  4. Good counterfeit. The compass makes it a one of a kind, exclusive. Very special.

  5. I liked this MUCH better than the original!
    Superb forgery, my friend :D

  6. Wow! What a fabulous forgery.I admire your patience Lynette

  7. Beautiful! I think I wouldn't be able to cover it up after all that work - I'd frame it!

  8. Wow, Leslie might have to give up her forger's crown this month after this wonderfully creative forgery! i LOVE it! it's perfect and so simple. I would never have come up with the idea but I think I might have to get my silhouette out and do one of my own now that you've given me the idea! Well done Lynnette and thanks for the inspiration! :-)

  9. Would never have known it's not a 'real' scrspbook paper - beautiful!