Sunday, September 13, 2015

Pick a Card...Any Card!

And you have the choice of THREE!

Over at Counterfeit Kit Challenge, Bethany charged us with the following challenge:

*Challenge #2: Make a collection of 3 cards using the same type of paper/embellishments from your kit. Keep them similar, but add a different twist to each one.* 

Cards should be an easy and quick craft project, right?  But sometimes I struggle with how to fill the space.  I guess I'm a bit of a hoarder (or not very generous), but it kills me to put a fancy embellishment on a card.  I guess we all know the inevitable fate of a greeting card and I'd rather that prized embellishment be on a scrapbook page.  There's a better chance of longevity on that one.

So, I decided to occupy that card "real estate" with some photos.  Easy and relatively inexpensive to print, photos printed in a smaller size make a perfect focal point.  I used scenery shots that are pretty and generic enough to send to anyone.  Even the photo with people are only silhouettes so it really can work for anyone (although, I do think my sister will be receiving this one!).  I also chose shots that are from the same photo session to satisfy the "same, but different" challenge.

Here are my creations:

What types of cards will you whip up?  Perhaps consider some scenery shots for your next batch!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Great idea to use the photos - that sunset picture is gorgeous! I like the touches of gold on each one too.

  2. These were an awesome way to use those photos! Love the touches of gold, especially with the kraft backgrounds.

  3. The idea of using photos would never have occurred to me - genius! I know that feeling about the embellies on cards so I will be storing this idea in the back of my brain for some time in the future. These are really lovely cards! Really really lovely.