Saturday, May 16, 2015

CKC Challenge #3 - No Photo Layout REMIX

We are revisiting some of the original challenges from the early days of CKC.  I struggled a bit with the no photo layout challenge.  I really never shy away from journaling, but every story I thought of also had some cool photos to go along with it.  It killed me to leave them out!

I know technically the challenge said no pictures and my graphic logo here may be construed as a picture, but that's a lot of real estate to cover with just handwritten journaling!  The logo came from the Nantucket Film Festival "playbill" so to speak and I thought it would make a cool addition to the page.

Let me show you my page...

I used my May Kit, "Old School" along with a little bit of April's Kit, "Film Noir" to pull this page together.

I kept embellishments to a minimum and let the story take center stage.

My son...he is such a drama king!  LOL!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. What a sweet story, Lynnette! The logo is perfect; it gives your layout it's setting and date - I definitely wouldn't count it as a photo. I also like how you arranged your title with a mix of colors,fonts and the flair ampersand. I always struggle using those but it's perfect here. The background paper reminds me of the weathered boardwalk/wooden stairs you sometimes see at the shore and the wood veneer shell gives it all a finishing touch. How wonderful it is when our children find their passion - looking forward to seeing your son accept his Best Director Oscar someday!

  2. I love the program being used to tuck in some of the themed elements - definitely NOT a photo! In fact, using ephemera to tell the story is how most vintage scrapbooks were done, as not everyone had/could afford photographs. The beautiful whimsical veneer shell is a great companion to the graphic of the program (love it's color scheme, btw.) The conversation was hilarious! Such a great memory done perfectly :-)

  3. Very good idea, love your take on the challenge!

  4. This is so beautifully done! I can see that you were inspired! The perfect no-photo layout!

  5. You did such a great job here and the journalling is so sweet. The inclusion of the programme is perfect and all the sweet elements you've used to support the story are perfect. He will treasure this layout when he's older!

  6. Love this. Everything about it.

  7. Love the graphic look and colors on this page, Lynnette. The elements you included make it very complete. You don't even miss having photos in it. Well done.