Thursday, October 31, 2013

Counterfeit Kit Challenge November Kit Reveal Blog Hop

Happy November!  Time is just flying by, but let's slow things down just a bit today to do some counterfeiting.  If you didn't start off at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog, be sure to head over there for the formal introduction and meet our fabulous guest designer, Vikki!  Then work your way through the hop so you don't miss any of the eye candy (I've got candy on my mind since Halloween was yesterday!).  You should have arrived here via the magnificent Leslie.

This month we are using Jenni Bowlin's October Kit as our inspiration.  I just adore Jenni and her products which have a vintage flair and timeless appeal, yet so current and fresh at the same time.  I had the honor of meeting Jenni twice at two different scrapbook conventions and she is just as lovely as her products.  Here's a photo of the two of us:

Here's the inspiration kit that is oh-so Jenni:

While studying the kit for counterfeiting I knew mine would have to include some vintage-type items, lots of kraft, pops of red and orange and a touch of autumnal elements.  Something about this combination just says, "Peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches packed in a kraft brown paper bag."

Introducing my November Counterfeit Kit...

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Let's jump right in for a close-up of that classic lunchtime sandwich.

Starting from the left, you can see the wide selection of patterned papers I chose.  From maple leafs by Studio Calico to pears by Basic Grey to red fountain pen ink labels by Jenni B., I have a variety of patterns to liven up my layouts.


Some woodgrain and old vintage paper will work well as more neutral backdrops.  I'm not sure how I'll use that Alpha cut-out, but I knew it HAD to be included.

In true Jenni fashion, I printed off vintage peanut butter and jelly labels for my props!  Could definitely use those on my layouts.

Let's zoom in on my handy dandy printer's tray to see what type of embellishments we will play with this month.

Lots of kraft and woodgrain, some gold washi, copper glitter letters, some vintage Bingo chips and cardboard milk caps...straight from JBS Mercantile! 

Here's a little basket of fall paper scraps!

Looks like lunches are packed and ready to go, as is my kit!

Let's take one more look at the whole spread (LOL!  Pun intended!)

Now it's time to start scrapping and spreading the love all around on my layouts, but first I will need a tall glass of milk to wash down that peanut butter and jelly sandwich!

Your next stop will be Milissa.  The entire hop order is listed below.

Guest Designer:  Vikki
Lisa H.


  1. Again - the hop highlight is right here on your blog! Great kit and great presentation although I have never in my life had a PNJ sandwich nor do I think I ever will! You have so many lovely bits and pieces in here that are sure to equate to some stunning pages. Can't wait to see!

  2. Stunning. Absolutely stunning. Love, love, you pp selection. So warm and welcoming. Cozy sweater feel. And your kit interpretation/presentation as always, is the creme de la creme. You have got me chomping at the bit here, to get on with putting my own kit together.

  3. An amazing kit - SO creatively photographed! Great take on the original.

  4. absolutely superb kit as always, and I love that tray, it looks so useful.
    As for peanut butter and jelly ? this Brit isn't too sure.

    have fun with you kit, can't wait to see what you produce with it.

  5. I always love seeing how you have your kits set up!! Awesome kit!

  6. Wonderful and Yummy :))) looks great.

  7. Oh my gosh! So pretty. The vintage setting is absolutely genius and I love the kit name. Those vintage labels will look stunning on your projects, I'm sure. Fabulous kit.

  8. I just love the way you have done this, just makes me want to be right there, looking through all your little bits and pieces, so well done

  9. What a fun kit! I love your embellishment station, and the happy kids peanut butter jar??!! Love it :)

  10. (If this is a duplicate, choose whichever you like best, lol!)
    So you & JB are BFFs? hehe I can tell by how juicy this kit is that your LOAD mojo is still in high gear & you are revving your engine, baby, ready to roar! Stunningly creative presentation again - love that you even have the jar labels to use. Oh, to hop a plane & join you in using up this gorgeous kit :~D

  11. OMG!!!! I just love lunch! I bake most of my bread now, but on occasion I just have to have a PB&J on squishy white store bought bread! I love to proclaim it was my 1st Panasonic bread machine that taught me how to bake bread. I am as comfortable baking bread by hand as I am by machine, now on my second one.

    Your kit is so GORGEOUS! I just love the printers box and now want one! I can't wait to see what you do with it!


  12. this totally rocks and I soooo love how you layout and photograph it all! Can't wait to see how the alpha paper is gonna be used! AND you have inspired me to try to be a littel creative in taking pics of my kit this month!

  13. Oh my gosh.. your displays are totally THE best! Its looks so inviting and you can see everything you have in front of you to scrap with! I'm so coming to your house to play and have supper!!!! (kidding - but wish I could!) So very very cool!

  14. Yummy! Now I get why you asked about spreads on lunches.
    Most gorgeous kit again.The wooden box of goodies makes me want to stare for a long time at it.

  15. Your kit just made me go YUM. Not because of the yummy PB, but because your product choices are YUMMY! Love it

  16. oh my goodness, LOVE LOVE LOVE how you presented your kit! the PB&Jelly sandwich idea is just too cute. I'm totally craving one now, lol!

  17. Love how you photograph your kits! This is a gorgeous kit!

  18. What a wonderful kit! It's so evocative of autumn - and is making me think of granny's kitchen; making jam; blackberry picking and home comforts. Just beautiful - and, of course, amazing staging as always!