Sunday, July 7, 2013

Knock-off Thickers

Hi there.  Thanks for stopping by to see how I made my knock-off Thickers.  You know, the ones in the July Kit that are black with white pen scribbles?  I just so happened to have the original in my stash, but you can be sure the day is going to come when I'm missing an "e" or a "t" and this technique just might save the day.

I simply found some raw chipboard letters I've had forever and painted them black.  You could even paint over some chipboard letters you aren't so fond of anymore.  How's THAT for stash busting!

Then I used my white gel pen to add the scribbles.

And there you have it. little lovelies!

Next, we have my version of those Glitz Bits and Pieces cards.   Here is the original:
And here is my version:

Exact?  No, but close enough for me.  They have the same look and feel and it only took a few minutes to put these together.  Be sure to keep your eyes and mind open to counterfeiting opportunities out there.  It's so much fun to pull it off!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. great cards and perfect letters

  2. Ok, so easy and yet I still didn't think of it! LOL! I have so many raw chip letters just sitting there. I feel so silly. I'm off to play with chip!

  3. I can not wait to try painting some of my old chipboard alphas! Why didn't I think of that? Yours are fabulous!

  4. Awesome! I didn't even try these, but you are right - some things are just right there, easy-peasy! Nice forgeries :)

  5. Oh how you amaze me! Love the creativity here. I look forward to what you do each month. Your stash bashing and creative inspirations make me smile...and inspire me.

  6. Your chalkboard letters are great. Much neater than mine. What white pen do you use? That was the biggest problem I found with mine. The pen was temperamental and often scratchy too. I love those cards. Much more creative than just orbiting them off like I did. Ha ha.

  7. Great job, love your counterfeits!

  8. me likey! I may end you doing the striped one with the words on it with some washi since that was one of the cards that I loved that I didn't have...why didnt I think of that!??