Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Knock-Off Bingo Chips

Did you notice those cool wood bingo chips by Crate Paper in the add-on kit? don't remember?  I know, there's so much to see and take in.  Well, here's a picture to refresh your memory...

March Mini Kit - Totally Rad! - Click Image to Close
There they are on the right!

They are a versatile little embellishment that can be used on many types of layouts - not just the one where you won the mega-jackpot at the local firehouse Bingo Bonanza!  They are great for a vintage flair, masculine pages, a graphic, modern feel...really anywhere.  And with this how-to post, you can customize the chips to include the significant numbers in your life like house number, age, speed limit, etc.  The assorted bag you get from Crate Paper may or may not have YOUR lucky number.  So let's get started!

Here is my counterfeit version

Let me show you how you can make them!  Let's gather some supplies.
Be sure to grab your heat gun, too!

 You will want to punch out circles using a 1 inch punch.  I used a cream cardstock to resemble the light wood of the original.

I outlined the circle using a red marker.  Perhaps an unnecessary step, but I found it made a deeper red outline once I embossed.

Using an embossing pen, I again outlined over my red marker.  I even dipped my pen in a pool of extra clear embossing ink to achieve a thick red rim around my chip.

Sprinkle red embossing powder.

Shake off excess and use a paint brush to remove any remaining.

I used my piercer to hold the circle in place while I heat set.

Use number rubber stamps to add the significant numbers in your life.

Punch another circle and add pop dots.  Add your embossed number to the top.

And there you have it!  A knock-off version of Crate Paper's Bingo Chips.

Here are some examples of them in use:

The "69" chip was perfectly crafted to designate the year of my hubby's VW Bug.  Not certain I would have found that in the pack.

Go ahead and give them a try yourself and add them to your next layout!


  1. Oh very clever - I have some of the bingo chips and you are quite right there is no guarantee you'll have the number you want.

  2. Awesome, thank you so much for this idea. I have been wanting some of these but didn't like how thick they are.

  3. Great idea, and I love your layout.

  4. This is absolutely the best idea every. You are such a smart girl! I love that they are flat, too. I love the look of 3-D but I have had photos damaged by the lumps and bumps. This is the best of both worlds! Happy mother's day Lynnette.